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Medical Cannabis and the 2017 Iowa Legislative Session

This legislative session began with four proposals for medical cannabis programs, two in the Iowa Senate, one by Democrats (S.F. 205) and one by Republicans (S.S.B. 1176 / S.F. 506), and two in the Iowa House, one by Democrats (H.F. … Continue reading

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March 3 is the legislative funnel date

A variety of medical cannabis bills have been filed in the Iowa legislature this year. One, HSB 132, has actually passed in a Republican controlled subcommittee. The end of this week, Friday, March 3, 2017, is the funnel date when … Continue reading

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Is the DEA wrong about marijuana’s medical value?

The Question Presented I’ve been asked to explain the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) decision on July 19, 2016, not to accept the Marijuana Rescheduling Petition filed by the states of Washington and Rhode Island on November 30, 2011.  See … Continue reading

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Attention on medical marijuana shifts to Congress

Attention has shifted from state legislation to Congress and candidates running for federal office. While rumors have been spreading around that the DEA is going to reschedule marijuana in July of 2016, on July 6, Congressman David Young became the … Continue reading

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Ankeny Legislative Forum April 9 2016

I live in an interesting Iowa House district. My state representative is a Republican. His name is Kevin Keoster and his profession is school administration. Another interesting character who lives in our neighborhood is Dale Woolery, Deputy Director of the … Continue reading

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The Marijuana Scheduling Story

Jon Gettman wrote an article in High Times Magazine by the title Pot Matters: The Rescheduling Trap, on Monday, February 29, 2016, detailing his attempts to have marijuana federally rescheduled. I was a petitioner in Mr. Gettman’s most recent attempt … Continue reading

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Massacre at the Iowa Statehouse

I spent some time at the State Capitol this week attending a press conference for House Study Bill 607 on February 9 and a subcommittee hearing on the bill on February 17. I took a few pictures and made an … Continue reading

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New Bipartisan Iowa Medical Cannabidiol Act Filed

A new bipartisan medical cannabidiol act has been filed in the Iowa House, HF 2097, by three Iowa House Republicans, Tedd Gassman (R. Scarville), Larry Sheets (R. Moulton), Ron Jorgensen (R. Sioux City), and three Iowa House Democrats, Charlie McConkey … Continue reading

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Iowa Republican Senators File Marijuana Reclassification Bill

Three Iowa Republican senators, Charles Schneider, Mark Chelgren, and Jason Schultz, have filed a stand alone marijuana reclassification bill in the Iowa Senate, SF 2025, this week. Two previous bills, SSB 1205 and SF 282, that would do the same … Continue reading

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Iowa Board of Pharmacy Open Records Request 2015

This is an update to my two previous articles: January 11, 2015: Pharmacy Board Denies My Petition Again November 16, 2015: Iowa Board of Pharmacy Legislative Proposals for 2016 On January 14, 2015, the Office of Drug Control Policy (ODCP) … Continue reading

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