Massacre at the Iowa Statehouse

Sally Gaer speaks at the Press Conference

Sal­ly Gaer speaks at the Press Con­fer­ence

I spent some time at the State Capi­tol this week attend­ing a press con­fer­ence for House Study Bill 607 on Feb­ru­ary 9 and a sub­com­mit­tee hear­ing on the bill on Feb­ru­ary 17.

Bob Vander Plaats speaks at the Press Conference

Bob Van­der Plaats speaks at the Press Con­fer­ence

Peter Cownie speaks at the Press Conference

Peter Cown­ie speaks at the Press Con­fer­ence

Rep. John Forbes, Rep. Guy Vander Linden, and Rep. Zach Nunn

Rep. John Forbes, Rep. Guy Van­der Lin­den, and Rep. Zach Nunn

I took a few pic­tures and made an audio record­ing of the hear­ing, but I for­got to turn on the record­ing device for the first ten min­utes. The audio record­ing picks up about half way through the first wit­ness, Dr. David Drake.

The hear­ing was bru­tal. The bill that was sup­posed to be on the table was House Study Bill 607, but at the begin­ning of the hear­ing they announced it has been switched for sub­sti­tute amend­ed ver­sion. I did not get a copy of the sub­sti­tute amend­ed ver­sion until the next day. They were hand­ing some­thing out at the hear­ing which could have been a print­ed copy of the sub­sti­tute amend­ed ver­sion, but peo­ple came pre­pared to speak on a bill that was no longer on the table and that was the most sav­age thing I’ve ever seen. The orig­i­nal bill includ­ed sev­er­al med­ical con­di­tions and the sub­sti­tute amend­ed ver­sion only had three. So, peo­ple were there who actu­al­ly had ill­ness­es that were removed from the bill while they were sit­ting there wait­ing to give their tes­ti­mo­ny. Sev­er­al peo­ple had com­plete emo­tion­al break­downs. It was not pret­ty. After this gris­ley affair, the sub­com­mit­tee vot­ed on the sub­sti­tute amend­ed ver­sion favor­ably by a vote of 3–0 and sent it to House Com­mit­tee on Com­merce which then vot­ed favor­ably on it by a vote of 17–6.

Of par­tic­u­lar inter­est to me, the resched­ul­ing of the mar­i­jua­na plant was removed from the sub­sti­tute amend­ed ver­sion. Also, of par­tic­u­lar inter­est to me were the objec­tions from Chip Bal­ti­more, chair of the House Com­mit­tee on Judi­cia­ry. Rep. Bal­ti­more object­ed to the bill because it does not com­ply with fed­er­al sched­ul­ing. The sub­sti­tute amend­ed ver­sion removed resched­ul­ing so it is now com­plete­ly incon­sis­tent with fed­er­al sched­ul­ing. It seems stu­pid to remove resched­ul­ing, but so does get­ting sick peo­ple to fill a room and tes­ti­fy under false pre­tens­es. I hope the pho­to op was worth tor­tur­ing those peo­ple.

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