Iowa Republican Senators File Marijuana Reclassification Bill


Iowa sen­a­tors Mark Chel­gren, Charles Schnei­der, Jason Schultz, Steven Sod­ders, Wal­ly Horn, and Joe Bolk­com

Three Iowa Repub­li­can sen­a­tors, Charles Schnei­der, Mark Chel­gren, and Jason Schultz, have filed a stand alone mar­i­jua­na reclas­si­fi­ca­tion bill in the Iowa Sen­ate, SF 2025, this week. Two pre­vi­ous bills, SSB 1205 and SF 282, that would do the same thing were filed sep­a­rate­ly by two Iowa Demo­c­ra­t­ic sen­a­tors, Steven Sod­ders and Joe Bolk­com, in 2015.

The Iowa Med­ical Cannabis Act, SF 484, bare­ly squeaked through last year on a heav­i­ly par­ti­san vote (26 to 19, with one Repub­li­can and one Demo­c­rat cross­ing par­ty lines), but it was amend­ed on April 15, 2015, with an amend­ment, S-3123, that would reclas­si­fy mar­i­jua­na. That amend­ment passed by a vote of 44–0-6. So, you can see there is some momen­tum for reclas­si­fy­ing mar­i­jua­na in Iowa.

I am extreme­ly encour­aged that Repub­li­cans are now bring­ing some com­mon sense to the table. Reclas­si­fy­ing mar­i­jua­na does not make it legal for any­thing. It would take both state and fed­er­al reclas­si­fi­ca­tion of mar­i­jua­na to make research eas­i­er, but state reclas­si­fi­ca­tion is a step in the right direc­tion. Reclas­si­fi­ca­tion does not oblig­ate the state to do any­thing fur­ther, so it should not be a dif­fi­cult issue.

SF 2025 is cur­rent­ly pend­ing in the Iowa Sen­ate Com­mit­tee on Judi­cia­ry, and has been assigned to a sub­com­mit­tee con­sist­ing of sen­a­tor Charles Schnei­der, Steven Sod­ders, and Wal­ly Horn. Please let them know you sup­port this bill.

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8 Responses to Iowa Republican Senators File Marijuana Reclassification Bill

  1. Tom Frazier says:

    Make it legal for med­ical and recre­ation­al. Tax it right and then we would have mon­ey for schools and oth­er things. Then work on the indus­tri­al pro­duc­tion.

  2. kevan welch says:

    The Repub­li­cans real­ize they can make mon­ey on med­ical mar­i­jua­na like many oth­er states already are doing.

  3. Derek Hudson says:

    In Col­orado it’s a cash only busi­ness which makes it hard to keep track of tax mon­ey because if they use a bank the law says its laun­der­ing

  4. Jason says:

    We are in Iowa the land of farm­ers and oppor­tu­ni­ty the monop­oly in oth­er states is a prob­lem which is some­what appaul­ing since it has been proven over and over in labs all across the world that it isnt what has been made out to be over the past decades so i say grab this oppor­tu­ni­ty by the horns not just for eco­nom­ic stand point but for those that can be med­ical­ly help by this plant.

  5. Dar says:

    Since you all are help­ing screw over chron­ic pain patients by mak­ing it hard­er to get pain meds that improve qual­i­ty of life, pass a bill mak­ing med­i­c­i­nal cannabis legal for health issues, and make sure it’s cov­ered by insur­ance.

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  7. Joel Krall says:

    Been wait­ing for years… can’t move away. To para­noid to break the law…

    Chron­ic pain and PTSD are my major issues. I can’t even seem to con­vince doc­tors to pre­scribe mari­nol to keep me off high usage of oxy­codone.

    My qual­i­ty of life is non exis­tant. Basi­cal­ly a shut in and crab­by old man. I don’t play well with oth­ers due to con­stant­ly being in pain.

    The VA won’t pre­scribe opi­ates because of sui­ci­dal ideation… so I have to use pri­vate insur­ance and doc­tor to obtain them… but no one wants to allow me to use mari­nol while I wait in des­per­a­tion for med­ical mar­i­jua­na to be legal­lized. At this rate I will be dead before I ever see any qual­i­ty of life.

    100 % dis­abled com­bat vet­er­an and retired Army MSG seeks com­pas­sion­ate leg­is­la­ture and gov­er­nor to pass this shit now… not 10 years from now.

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