Iowa Republican Senators File Marijuana Reclassification Bill


Iowa senators Mark Chelgren, Charles Schneider, Jason Schultz, Steven Sodders, Wally Horn, and Joe Bolkcom

Three Iowa Republican senators, Charles Schneider, Mark Chelgren, and Jason Schultz, have filed a stand alone marijuana reclassification bill in the Iowa Senate, SF 2025, this week. Two previous bills, SSB 1205 and SF 282, that would do the same thing were filed separately by two Iowa Democratic senators, Steven Sodders and Joe Bolkcom, in 2015.

The Iowa Medical Cannabis Act, SF 484, barely squeaked through last year on a heavily partisan vote (26 to 19, with one Republican and one Democrat crossing party lines), but it was amended on April 15, 2015, with an amendment, S-3123, that would reclassify marijuana. That amendment passed by a vote of 44-0-6. So, you can see there is some momentum for reclassifying marijuana in Iowa.

I am extremely encouraged that Republicans are now bringing some common sense to the table. Reclassifying marijuana does not make it legal for anything. It would take both state and federal reclassification of marijuana to make research easier, but state reclassification is a step in the right direction. Reclassification does not obligate the state to do anything further, so it should not be a difficult issue.

SF 2025 is currently pending in the Iowa Senate Committee on Judiciary, and has been assigned to a subcommittee consisting of senator Charles Schneider, Steven Sodders, and Wally Horn. Please let them know you support this bill.

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8 Responses to Iowa Republican Senators File Marijuana Reclassification Bill

  1. Tom Frazier says:

    Make it legal for medical and recreational. Tax it right and then we would have money for schools and other things. Then work on the industrial production.

  2. kevan welch says:

    The Republicans realize they can make money on medical marijuana like many other states already are doing.

  3. Derek Hudson says:

    In Colorado it’s a cash only business which makes it hard to keep track of tax money because if they use a bank the law says its laundering

  4. Jason says:

    We are in Iowa the land of farmers and opportunity the monopoly in other states is a problem which is somewhat appauling since it has been proven over and over in labs all across the world that it isnt what has been made out to be over the past decades so i say grab this opportunity by the horns not just for economic stand point but for those that can be medically help by this plant.

  5. Dar says:

    Since you all are helping screw over chronic pain patients by making it harder to get pain meds that improve quality of life, pass a bill making medicinal cannabis legal for health issues, and make sure it’s covered by insurance.

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  7. Joel Krall says:

    Been waiting for years… can’t move away. To paranoid to break the law…

    Chronic pain and PTSD are my major issues. I can’t even seem to convince doctors to prescribe marinol to keep me off high usage of oxycodone.

    My quality of life is non existant. Basically a shut in and crabby old man. I don’t play well with others due to constantly being in pain.

    The VA won’t prescribe opiates because of suicidal ideation… so I have to use private insurance and doctor to obtain them… but no one wants to allow me to use marinol while I wait in desperation for medical marijuana to be legallized. At this rate I will be dead before I ever see any quality of life.

    100 % disabled combat veteran and retired Army MSG seeks compassionate legislature and governor to pass this shit now… not 10 years from now.

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