Iowa District Court rules against Iowa Board of Pharmacy

Polk County Iowa District Court Judge Scott Rosenberg ruled against the Iowa Board of Pharmacy’s motion to dismiss today in Carl Olsen v. Iowa Board of Pharmacy, No. CVCV045505.  Reasoning that failure of the board to advise the legislature annually, as required by Iowa law, was an ongoing injury capable of repetition, the court ruled there was an actual controversy between the parties.  The judge also held that the enactment of medical marijuana laws in 19 jurisdictions created a public interest that prevented dismissal of the case before trial.  Trial is scheduled for January 4, 2014, at the Polk County Courthouse.  A copy of the court’s ruling can be found by clicking on this link.

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6 Responses to Iowa District Court rules against Iowa Board of Pharmacy

  1. Jeff Elton says:

    YEEHAW!!! I will be able to move back to my family and friends in a few years. This gives me hope thank you Carl!

  2. Marvin Juzek says:

    Cannabis oil cures CANCER, Google it! Or are the the hundreds of scientists around the world wrong, including the federal government that already has a patent on it, because they already know that it cures cancer and countless other ailments! The federal government is so screwed up on there thinking, they would rather let the people of the USA keep on suffering and dying from all their different illnesses then to just legalize it! Chemotherapy kills, cannabis oil cures!

  3. Quincy's mom says:

    So this is huge, isn’t it? Way to go, Carl!

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