Iowa District Court rules against Iowa Board of Pharmacy

Polk County Iowa Dis­trict Court Judge Scott Rosen­berg ruled against the Iowa Board of Pharmacy’s motion to dis­miss today in Carl Olsen v. Iowa Board of Phar­macy, No. CVCV045505.  Rea­son­ing that fail­ure of the board to advise the leg­is­la­ture annu­ally, as required by Iowa law, was an ongo­ing injury capa­ble of rep­e­ti­tion, the court ruled there was an actual con­tro­versy between the par­ties.  The judge also held that the enact­ment of med­ical mar­i­juana laws in 19 juris­dic­tions cre­ated a pub­lic inter­est that pre­vented dis­missal of the case before trial.  Trial is sched­uled for Jan­u­ary 4, 2014, at the Polk County Cour­t­house.  A copy of the court’s rul­ing can be found by click­ing on this link.

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6 Responses to Iowa District Court rules against Iowa Board of Pharmacy

  1. Jeff Elton says:

    YEEHAW!!! I will be able to move back to my fam­ily and friends in a few years. This gives me hope thank you Carl!

  2. Marvin Juzek says:

    Cannabis oil cures CANCER, Google it! Or are the the hun­dreds of sci­en­tists around the world wrong, includ­ing the fed­eral gov­ern­ment that already has a patent on it, because they already know that it cures can­cer and count­less other ail­ments! The fed­eral gov­ern­ment is so screwed up on there think­ing, they would rather let the peo­ple of the USA keep on suf­fer­ing and dying from all their dif­fer­ent ill­nesses then to just legal­ize it! Chemother­apy kills, cannabis oil cures!

  3. Quincy's mom says:

    So this is huge, isn’t it? Way to go, Carl!

    • Carl Olsen says:

      It seems huge, con­sid­er­ing how dif­fi­cult it is to make any progress in Iowa. We are mov­ing in slow, incre­men­tal steps to give time for it to sink in. We have to edu­cate the pub­lic and these court rul­ings help tremen­dously in doing that.

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