Community Opposes Prosecution of Cancer Patient for Marijuana

This week, the Quad-City Times Editorial Board expressed the sentiment of the Eastern Iowa community in calling for the state to dismiss criminal charges against cancer patient Benton Mackenzie.

Just the week before, the Sioux City Journal published an article quoting Iowa Board of Pharmacy Executive Director Lloyd Jessen and Iowa Office of Drug Control Policy Executive Director Steven Lukan saying they never hear from anyone who needs marijuana for medicine in Iowa.

Gee, fellas, do you think maybe people are afraid to speak out?  It’s not being paranoid if the state is really out to kill you, now, is it?  This is nothing short of cold-blooded, pre-meditated murder, Mr. Jessen and Mr. Lukan.  I see you trying to wash that blood off your hands, but it won’t wash off.  But, you have an armload of prescription drugs and alcohol to help you sleep at night.  What a tragedy!

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  1. peleicu1 says:

    Heh that is why some are called humans (meaning humane) and then you have those who do not have power to stand with dignity they more just like animals. Well wait I have seen a few animals with compassion too. So even then it is sad to see these people lose their humanity and dignity must suck to be them. Doesn’t make any sense how they can be so cruel. So blind and so heartless. But I have seen many who opposed marijuana for medicine then one of their kids or loved ones got sick and they were forced into trying it to ease their loved ones pain and even found out how it can heal sickness not just lesson pain and used it and apologized for their blindness. Let us hope this does not happen to Lloyd and Steven. But as they say what comes around goes around…Forgive them for they know not what they do Creator…

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