Hearing on HF 22

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February 1, 2013 85GA
Bill History for HF 22
By Hunter.
A bill for an act providing for the creation of a medical marijuana Act including the creation of nonprofit dispensaries, and providing for civil and criminal penalties and fees.

January 16, 2013 Introduced, referred to Public Safety. H.J. 83.
January 22, 2013 Subcommittee, S. Olson, Anderson, and Sands. H.J. 103.
January 29, 2013 Subcommittee reassigned, Baudler, Berry, and Fry. H.J. 131.
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3 Responses to Hearing on HF 22

  1. Troy says:

    23:30 Total police state mentality. So we can’t use alternative medicine because the government hasn’t proved it’s “safe” for us? Well sorry government, but even if I trusted your intentions, I’d be a fool to trust your ability to carry out such a task with any reasonable accuracy.

  2. unfree says:

    Just another crooked cop, it’s what the people want dumb ass not what you want. Your job is to enforce the law not influence it. Oh it’s also against Federal law, so are (ILLEGAL ALIENS) don’t see any of you enforcing that (FEDERAL LAW). Look at all the deaths, and all the other side effects from those from those (FDA approved drugs). And the most abused drug is alcohol , just a bunch of self serving hypocrites . Studies of marijuana is a joke, the (FED”S) just won’t let that happen. They (FED”S) only obey the Pharmaceutical and Nation Distillers , everyone uses their substances (DRUGS) responsibly. Just love that last assholes comment , he’ll listen when those crooked cops tell him too. Do us all favor and cut your head off with your saber!!!!!!

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